Wild Flower Greeting Cards and Bookmarks

Wild Greeting Cards takes one-of-a-kind, hand-picked and pressed flower arrangements and prints quality greeting card and bookmark combinations. Our flowers are from many different regions across the United States.  We have greeting cards and bookmarks with flowers from Arizona, Montana, Hawaii, Northeastern United States and the Rocky Mountains from our featured artists.  We will continue to showcase new designs from artists that share the passion for pressing and everything wild!

A Creeping Fig

Greeting Card
The A Creeping Fig Greeting Card is a 5 x 7 inch greeting card printed on natural linen color and #80 stock card. Includes matching bookmark and plastic protective sleeve. On the back of each greeting card and matching bookmark you can see each type of flower labeled in the arrangement. The card is blank on the inside. The flowers are picked, pressed and captured through digital to share these unique arrangements.

Flower Names in Arrangament: Creeping Fig, Pentas, Jasmone, Phalaenopsis orchid, soapwort, Cattleya orchid and Lantana
$ 4.95